More professional than an answering machine, giving the best impression to your callers!

You have your own voice mailbox with a personalized greeting and pass code.  We can set up voice mail to automatically take over at the hours you specify. 


You can dial the system at any time to retrieve,

archive or delete messages, and change your

greeting or pass code. 


We can send alerts to your pager or cell phone

when a message is left in your voice mailbox. 


We can repeat the alerts at intervals you specify

until the message is retrieved. 


We can send alerts to as many as three pagers or cell phones for your account.


In addition to basic voice mail service, we manage your voice mailbox by retrieving and deleting all messages recorded. 


Before 8 a.m. on each business day, we will forward all messages to you in your regular message delivery format

Voicemail & Voicemail Management

Your Office Away From Your Office!